A few weeks ago, I met Angie Goodloe over at Authentic Mama. I immediately fell in love with her blog and absolutely love the idea of inspiring moms to find and maintain their authenticity. In a heartbeat, I knew Angie and I were meant to meet.

Check out my guest post over at Authentic Mama where I highlight seven strategies for putting your authentic self first!

I’d love to know…

If you could take one micromovement towards putting yourself first, what would you do?

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  • Tabitha

    your article was awesome!! Great steps for us moms to take.

    Tabitha´s last blog post..And The Winners Are!!

  • Julie M

    Great post on Authentic Mama! I turned off the computer and watched a movie! I never have time to watch a movie!

    Julie M´s last blog post..Attracting Readers to Your Blog

  • leona

    For me – taking some time to notice what makes me feel good inside – that might be warm & fuzzy, energised, lighthearted or proud of myself. One way I might draw my attention to these feelings is by just noting it down in my journal at the end of the day or on a piece of paper in my purse while I am out and about. Then I group these activities or events according the needs or values they fulfill, eg. autonomy, connection, variety, play etc. Now I not only have a list of they ways I can put myself first, but I also have brought my attention to my most important values.

    leona´s last blog post..Explore the global spirit on link-tv

  • Angie Goodloe

    Thank you so much for writing the awesome article for authentic mama!
    I am so glad you love the blog, I love yours too! I am honored!

    Angie Goodloe´s last blog post..7 Strategies for Putting Your Authentic Self First -Guest Post by Stacey Hoffer Weckstein

  • Kristy @ Master Your Card

    I really enjoyed this post, though I think it’s relevant to women in general rather then just mama’s. I’m not a mother, but I do feel that I give more to people then I ever do for myself.

    The biggest points of interest for me were the meditation, the exercise, and the eating healthy. I think those three things can go a long way in making you feel better about yourself, have more energy, and just feel good all the way around.

    I likened this piece to Franklin Covey’s 7 Habits series, also fantastic, and the 7th habit of sharpening our saws. He tells the story of a lumberjack in the forest trying to cut a huge tree, but the lumberjack doesn’t seem to be making any progress. Another lumberjack comes along and asks why he doesn’t sharpen his saw to make the cutting go faster and the the first lumberjack says he doesn’t have the time to sharpen his saw. If we never take the time to sharpen our saws (us), then we’ll just be hacking away at the tree with very little actual results. We have to rejuvenate ourselves.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Kristy @ Master Your Card´s last blog post..When Parental Generosity Goes Too Far

  • Jake | Revive Your Life

    Wow, that was a great guest post! Obviously, I’m not a mother, but I will make sure my wife reads this post and shares it with her Mom’s group! There were some really great thoughts here.

    Jake | Revive Your Life´s last blog post..Amazing Waste and Recycling Facts – How Big is YOUR Footprint?

  • Stacey / Create a Balance

    Tabitha – Thanks Tabitha. I believe in the power of numbers. Authentic Mamas Unite! 🙂

    Julie – Cheers to putting yourself first!

    Leona – Thanks for sharing your journal writing exercise. I see this falling into the category of “take time for silent relaxation” but it also falling into a category that I didn’t mention, which is “take time for reflection”.

    Angie – It was my honor. Keep inspiring all the authentic mamas of the world.

    Kristy – I agree that it is very relevant to all women. My focus was for moms because of the nature of Angie’s amazing blog. Thanks for sharing which areas spoke to you. Your feedback validates the direction I want to take with my writing and new business.

    Jake – Thanks for sharing this with the moms in your life.

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