“If you are not taking care of yourself;
body, mind, and spirit,
the people in your life don’t get the best of you,
they get what’s left of you!”
~ Lorraine Cohen ~

What would your life look like if I handed you a magic wand and gave you permission to picture your ideal lifestyle? For many people, the image of their ideal lifestyle would be different from their current lifestyle.

Today I am kicking off a series to help you build an ideal lifestyle filled with authentic happiness.

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My intentions for this series…

  1. To encourage you to take action towards authentic happiness.
  2. To encourage you to dream big and to think about a lifestyle filled with authentic happiness.
  3. To encourage you to embrace your values and to determine what is central to who you are and who you want to be.
  4. To encourage you to identify action steps towards a lifestyle filled with authentic happiness.

Meditation Begins at Birth
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Some areas we will cover during this series include self care, home environment, relationships, career, and fun. We want to focus on what really makes us happy and what really makes us shine. I invite you to think of this series as the game of life. You get to list the most important aspects of your ideal lifestyle and then you will have the opportunity to check off different components as you attract them into your life.

Your ideal lifestyle is unique and true to your authentic self and you have the ability to achieve the happiest lifestyle you deserve. So sit back, enjoy the process, and have fun dreaming! Check out how Davina over at Shades of Crimson has visualized the life of her dreams.

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Today’s exercise focuses on self care.

I invite you to picture how self care falls into your ideal lifestyle. Assume money is not an issue and don’t worry about how you are going to get these things into your life. For now, just dream (and dream big).

Self Care Questions to Ponder

  • How often would you go to the spa?
  • How many massages would you like per week?
  • How much water would you drink per day?
  • What would your exercise program look like?
  • What would your eating habits look like?
  • What would refuel you?
  • How much time would you spend outdoors?
  • What would your peaceful moments look like?
  • How much sleep would you get each night?
  • Would you have daytime naps?
  • What would your wardrobe look like?
  • What would your time management look like?
  • What would you do for “me” time?
  • How much “me” time would you have each day?
  • How would you relax?
  • What would your vacations look like?
  • What would your relationships be like if you took time for self-care?

Self Care Resources

If you have blogged about self care or can recommend must-read self care resources, share links with me in the comments section (or via email) and I will add your resources to this list with some link love.

  1. Sark Journal – Yes to More Self Love for You
  2. Authentic Happiness
  3. The Self Care Pledge
  4. Embracing Self Care
  5. 10 Ways to Honor Thyself
  6. Ideas for Self Nurturing
  7. Ways to Nurture Yourself
  8. Acts of Kindness
  9. 10 Ways to Practice Nurturing Your Intention to Self Respect
  10. Rejuvenation Louge suggested by Marelisa from Abundance Blog at Marelisa Online
  11. Mindful Mimi’s Take on Happiness

This short self care video by Coach Cindie reminds us to let go of trying to be perfect as we practice the art of self care.

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  • Suzie Cheel

    This is a great series, just discovered it after you came to my blog,
    thanks, now looking forward to reading the whole series

    Suzie Cheel´s last blog post..Super Abundant Bloggers # 9

  • Roxie

    Great blog!

    I love the self-care checklist and would like to link and write some about the topic. Would it be okay with you if I did so?



    Roxie´s last blog post..Setting An Intention

  • Justin Wright

    This is a great post! I am a big fan of living a life filled with happiness, and hope to help others do the same. It helps to analyze your life and look at the things that you like and the things that you don’t. Then you can create a plan to focus on the things you really enjoy.
    .-= Justin Wright´s last blog ..The Art of Voluntary Simplicity =-.

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