And the Winners Are…

The winners of the Feed Your Body Love giveaway are Davina at Shades of Crimson and Leona at Transformative Living.

Davina won the Hungry for Balance Magnet.

Leona won the Feed Your Body Love Women’s T-Shirt.

For everyone else that participated in the contest, click here to order your merchandise before they sell out! I look forward to more giveaways in the future!

Celebrating My Online Life Balance Retreat

your seat at the online retreat
I am very excited to be offering an online life balance retreat. I’ll be sharing all of the juicy details next week. This online workshop will begin on March 20, in honor of the first day of spring in the United States. Together, with nature, we will embrace a fresh start and practice the art of life balance. This online retreat will awaken your passions and guide you towards positive change.

Again, more details will be available next week!

Celebrating New Members of this Community

Yeah! We have another full list of new members this week.


Celebrating My Gratitude Attitude


This week I mixed up my gratitude journal. It contains things I’m thankful for and things I acknowledge about myself.

Today, I welcome you to list what you are thankful for in this world and to also acknowledge yourself for something you are doing, something you are accomplishing, and/or an action you have taken towards your goals.

A time to give thanks…

1. This week my 2 year old only had strep throat and an ear infection. Thank goodness it was not a urinary tract infection (or worse).
2. The unique love between a mother and a child.
3. My body pillow.
4. Meeting a good friend for lunch this week.

A time to acknowledge myself…

1. I acknowledge myself for creating a life balance online retreat.
2. I acknowledge myself for knowing my online retreat is a gift to the world.
3. I acknowledge myself for being okay with the dirty dishes in the sink. I know they will eventually get washed.
4. I acknowledge myself for doing crunches every day this week and for doing step aerobics twice this week.

This is Your Moment.

I welcome you to share your gratitude attitude and to acknowledge yourself for something you are doing, what you are accomplishing, and/or an action you have taken towards your goals.

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  • leona

    Hi Stacey – I am so thrilled to have won one of your gorgeous t-shirts. I got your tweet just as I walked in the door after doing a Focusing session on self-care and loving oneself. This is what came in my Focusing session. There is a place within me that is really and truly “into” me. It is lightly delighted with keeping me company. It really wants to know all about me – the whole package. It’s like it is my inner lover; it relishes intimacy. It is curious. It has many faces and facets for all my parts. Even those I have tucked away under a rock. When I connect with it it knows just how to be with me. It is a centred presence providing love, stability and emotional resilience. It says to connect by starting with embodiment – getting into my body in relation to it. From this re-connecting it knows just how to be present with me. It knows what is just right in each circumstance. It says that I disconnect from it because of embodied habits of my childhood – repeating the patterns of disconnection I experienced around me. That while these habits need to be let go of one by one, I can connect with it in one move, creating just one habit of touching into my wholly accepting presence and it will be present for all my living experiencing – the good, the bad, the ugly, the joyous, the wild, the serene, & the naughty. It neither judges these experiences as better or worse, it just wants to be here at the party of life, with me. From this place I can love me – all of me. And from that place – well – how can I not love the world?

    leona´s last blog post..Why self-care is the least selfish thing you can do

  • Stacey / Create a Balance

    Leona – Congratulations on winning the t-shirt. I hope you love it as much as I do!

  • Alex Cristache

    Hi Stacey and thanks for mentioning my name (That’s one thing I’m thankful for!). It’s good to be here!

    Generally speaking, I’m thankful for the inspiration God gives me whenever I need a new idea or have to make a choice between good and bad options.

    Acknowledgments… How about acknowledging the fact that I cannot get myself to make the morning coffee right now? That I hate the rain that’s been pouring for over a week? That I smoke too much?

    As a personal feeling, self-acknowledgments, unlike thanks, are meant to affect ourselves, not the ones we share them with. Thanks should be said public, out loud, whenever needed. Acknowledgments don’t really have to be public. Even more so if you choose to “acknowledge” only good facts about yourself. It could seem like bragging.

    Alex Cristache´s last blog post..You Need to Sell Your Blog Posts!

  • Daphne

    Hi Stacey,

    I am so happy for Davina! And of course for Leona too though we’ve not really met yet. Yep, now I’ll just have to buy one of your magnets 😉 I’m constantly inspired by the energy and activity of your blog. Gives me something to aspire to as a blogger. Thanks!

    Daphne´s last blog post..The Gift of Community

  • LisaNewton

    I like the idea of thinking about something I’m grateful for each day. Right now, sitting here at my computer, I’m grateful to be able to meet great people via blogs like this one.

    Stacy, thank you for the opportunity to just say thank you……………..:)

    LisaNewton´s last blog post..Graffiti is Art

  • Stacey / Create a Balance

    Alex – It’s great to have you here. I believe positive self acknowledgement (regardless if it is in private or in public) is the foundation for producing good results in our lives. Taking time to focus our attention on what has gone right and what it working helps us to continue to take actions towards success. The benefit of self acknowledging in public is a service to others, because it’s contagious and inspires others to self acknowledge too.

    – Thank you for your kind words. Please be sure to let me know how you like looking at your magnet each day. I love mine!

    Lisa – I am also grateful for all of the people I met via blogging!

  • Davina

    Hi Stacey. Yayyy! I won, I won. I haven’t won anything in a long time. Thank you! I have to dash off to catch a bus and get to a workshop but I’ll be back over the weekend to comment properly 🙂
    Congrats to Leona too.

    Davina´s last blog post..Shopping for Effective Attitudes

  • Reply

    Hoo-hah! A competition – cool!
    Congrats to the winners 😉
    Stacey – you have very creative ways to make your joint (read – blog) a good place to hang out.
    Just “met” few more bloggers here and I am off to check their blogs
    I like it! Thanks.

  • Tina

    Thank you for the mention and warm welcome. I am going to make Jay buy me that t-shirt! 🙂

    Tina´s last blog post..Hang Up Already!

  • Jannie Funster

    Wow, an off-line balance retreat. I am wondering where, but I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

    Jannie Funster´s last blog post..3 & 1/2 days

  • Stacey / Create a Balance

    Davina – Congratulations on winning the magnet! I hope your workshop was brilliant.

    Alik – I’m thrilled to know you like hanging out on my blog and that you are meeting new bloggers as a result of your experience.

    Tina – I hope you love the t-shirt.

    Jannie – I’m so excited to be offering on online retreat. It is going to be an enchanting experience filled with lots of self care.

  • Lance

    Hi Stacey,
    The online balance retreat – I’m curious, and can’t wait to hear more!

    Date night with my wife last night. Great food, great drinks. Awesome conversation. A chance to re-connect after a busy week. All as we sat at a quiet restaurant, overlooking the sunset over a frozen lake – and the tranquility of it all…

    Lance´s last blog post..Sunday Thought For The Day

  • Stacey / Create a Balance

    Lance – It’s exciting and I can’t wait to share more information about the retreat. I’m off to watch the sunset with my husband next week. I am counting down the days!

  • J.D. Meier

    Hey Stacey

    I like online workshops and sharing expertise. I look forward to hearing more.

    J.D. Meier´s last blog post..Avoid Mental Burnout

    • Stacey / Create a Balance

      J.D. – With today’s technology, online workshops are a great opportunity to learn about yourself and connect with other people.

  • Maya

    Wow Stacey, It is really nice to see everything you are up to!
    Am looking forward to that online retreat!!!

    Maya´s last blog post..The One Hundred: A Guide to Pieces Every Happy and Balanced Soul Must Embrace: Simplicity

  • Cath Lawson

    Hi Stacey – You have been busy while I’ve been ill. You’ve created your own merchandise and organised a retreat already. Well done.

    I have to ask though – why were you pleased that your little one had an ear infection, as opposed to a UTI? I had a bad ear infection 20 years ago and it felt way worse than a UTI. Not that a UTI feels good either mind you.

    Cath Lawson´s last blog post..The World Is Knackered – What About You?

  • Davina

    Ok, I’m back. What I am grateful this past week is meeting and sharing the weekend with 23 like-minded people at a coaching workshop. The weekend WAS amazing! I don’t think I’ve come down to earth yet! Thanks again for the giveaway Stacey. Winning is fun.

    Davina´s last blog post..Shopping for Effective Attitudes

  • Stacey / Create a Balance

    Maya – It would be great to have you be part of the online retreat experience.

    Cath – Thanks for the clarifying question. I wasn’t happy that he had an ear infection instead of an UTI…I was happy that he didn’t have an ear infection AND an UTI. I know they are both painful.

    Davina – Your workshop sounds amazing!

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